SMS News

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SMS News, how does it work ?

  You advertise (press, radio, television, banners… point of sale, packaging…) for people to subscribe to your SMS newsletter.

  Consumers send an SMS to subscribe or unsubscribe. Alternatively, you may import a list of subscribers on our online tool.

  You send your latest news or promotions via SMS (special discounts, VIP events, etc.) to newsletter subscribers.

View your number of subscribers and sendings in real time.


    Advantages of Mpulse’s solution

    • Customers subscribe automatically by sending an SMS, or with our online tool you import your mobile numbers.
    • Non-intrusive: subscribers simply send an SMS to exit your newsletter. Remind this in every sending to ensure your message is always of interest and campaigns remain an excellent investment.
    • Full attention span: use this intimate communication means wisely and moderately to get their entire attention.
    • Immediate: communicate last-minute and temporary discounts (e.g. “Tomorrow between 8h – 12h, 50% on any purchase!”) in a simple click, as opposed to print communication which requires much more preparation time.
    • Real-time data see how your subscriber list grows on our online tool.
    • Study customer behavior with further interaction (e.g. “Reply YES to get your discount voucher”).
    • Accessible to almost anyone: close to 100% mobile phone penetration rate in Europe.
    • Content producers generate revenue with Premium SMS1 news services.


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