SMS Contests

Engage your audience and handle your CRM with our SMS campaign management tools.

SMS Contests, how does it work?

  1. You advertise (press, radio, television, banners… point of sale, packaging…) for people to find out about your contest.
  2. People participate by sending SMS.
  3. You see the results on an mpulse web-interface.
  4. A winner is selected according to the contest’s criteria (a draw from people answering correctly to a question, 100th participant wins, etc...).

Advantages of Mpulse’s solution

  • Generate revenue from your contest.
  • Accessible to almost anyone: Since the mobile phone’s penetration rate is close to 100% in most European countries (over 100% in Luxembourg).
  • Real-time data. Seconds after someone has participated, you will be able to see the message and study your participants’ behavior
  • Exportable data. With SMS contests the data is ready for analysis from a computer file, as opposed to participation coupons you will not need to type the results in an Excel sheet, count the number of participants, etc.
  • Immediate communication to winner. A simple click allows you to send an SMS to the winner, as opposed to participation coupons where the winner might have made a mistake when writing his contact details.
  • Easy, simple and immediate participation. Less effort is required from participants as opposed to filling-in coupons, sending via postal mail, etc.
  • Comparable price of participating.  A : 0.50 € Premium SMS for example is close to being the same price than a postal stamp.


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