Manage your acquisition and loyalty programs, interact with your staff and applications thanks to our tools and Mobile operators network connections.

mroute technical specifications

All you need is an application connected to the internet. mcharge will manage the connection with mobile operators.

To send SMS your application will need to initiate requests to the mroute servers.

To receive SMS mmroute will send a request to your servers on a URL you define (and an open port; by default mcharge will use Port 80), after having received your SMS from the mobile operator. Your application needs to interpret the requests via scripts that you developed and host on your servers.

Connection Protocols

HTTP GET Basic command used for internet-based applications, extremely easy to implement. Download our Http Technical specifications
XML Provides excellent interoperability amongst heterogeneous systems and is, of course, language independent. Download our XML Technical specifications
SOAP Is also extensively used for web services, and can now be used to communicate with mpulses’ SMS gateway. Download our SOAP Technical specifications
SMPP Protocol made for mobile specialists that are used to working with protocols specific to the mobile industry. It is the most common protocol for direct communication with a mobile operator’s SMS-C. mpulse supports a subset of the protocol, meaning we support only certain functionalities. Download our SMPP Technical specifications
Email Enjoy the functionalities offered by our gateway product, without the complexity of other implementation methods. It’s as easy as sending and receiving email! Benefit exclusive usage of your dedicated short code or access one of mpulse’s shared short code, obtain delivery reports, and much more ... Contact us
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Supported features

Feature Email





SMS MO Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SMS MT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
WAP-Push Possible Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accusés réception Possible Yes Yes Yes Yes
Long-number Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sessions  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dynamic keywords Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Concatenated SMS No Yes Yes Yes Yes
MNO indicated on SMS MO and DLR No Yes Yes Yes Yes*
Determine TTL** No No Yes No Yes

* The optional field "network mobile operator" (MNO) is not part of SMPP 3.4 protocol
** When supported by the mobile operator. TTL means "Time to live", ie time during which the operator will try to send your SMS.

Gateway Technical Environment

Your connection to mroute

  • Access protection by username/password.
  • Authentication via originating IP address check (optional).
  • Messages can be exchanged over the HTTPS protocol (rates upon request).
  • VPN connection (rates upon request).


  • VPN connection with mobile operators.
  • Site protected from deliberate or unintended damage: anti-theft infrared motion detection alarm, video surveillance, personnel access policy, anti-fire oxygen evacuation, and back-up power supply.


  • Hosted on redundant virtualized bi-quad-core machines.
  • Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, JBoss Application Server 4.2 and MySQL Enterprise 5.
  • Watchguard Firewall.
  • Direct and indirect mobile operator connections.
  • Redundant national and international backbone connections.
  • Physical location in Luxembourg (EBRC building).


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