Manage your acquisition and loyalty programs, interact with your staff and applications thanks to our tools and Mobile operators network connections.

mroute, how does it work?

mroute SMS gateway : Mpulse sends and receives your SMS via its connection to mobile operators.

Advantages of Mpulse’s solution

  • Easy integration with IP-based protocols: HTTP GET, XMLS, SOAP, SMPP… or even email!
  • Real-time statistics accessible 24/7 online, per mobile operator, number, keyword, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly.

  • Delivery reports.
  • WAP-Push.
  • Binary messages.
  • Concatenated messaging.
  • Message expiration.
  • Redundant internet connections and state-of-the-art server housing.
  • Infrastructure annual up-time > 99 %.
  • 24/7 emergency intervention and expert monitoring including end-to-end SMS simulation
  • Field experts service and support our robust infrastructure.
  • Number management:  we reserve the numbers you will use to send/receive SMS.


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