SMS Premium

The solution compatible with 100% of handsets. An SMS is all it takes to pay for your digital content.

SMS Premium, How does it work?

  1. Consumers send an SMS to your service.
  2. They receive your digital content or a code to access your online service.
  3. Payments appear on their mobile phone invoice.
  4. Mpulse collects your revenue from the mobile operators and transfers you your share.

Advantages of Mpulse’s solution

  • An excellent client support.
    - A dedicated team at your disposal.
    - Advice and assistance in your Go-to-Mobile strategy.
  • A very high reactivity.
    - Real time statistics accessible without interruption via Internet.
    - 24/7 emergency intervention and expert monitoring.
  • A requirement for high quality service.
    - A platform directly interconnected to operators’ systems.
    - Redundant internet connections and state-of-the-art server housing.
  • An ongoing quest of optimization.
    - An R & D team focused on the solutions’ upgrade and adaptation to future uses.


Mpulse offers a large range of features and all the assistance and expertise needed to set them up.

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