The solution compatible with 100% of handsets. An SMS is all it takes to pay for your digital content.

SMS+, How to get started?

Activate your account in 3 steps:

1. Select a short code

To discover which number you will need, simply answer the following questions:

  • In which country will you run your service?
  • How much would you like users to pay, per SMS?
  • Would you like users to pay when
    a) They send you an SMS?
    b) When you send them an SMS?
    c) Or both?
    More details…


  • Would you like to
    Be the owner of a number?
    b) Or would you like to share a number with other mpulse clients?
    More details…

2. Sign the Mpulse contract

Request Mpulse’s standard contract.

Fill it out, sign it and return it via email (pdf), fax or postal mail.

3. Implement mcharge’s protocol

Write and host scripts on your server that send/receive mcharge requests, based on one of the available connection protocols.