SMS Premium

The solution compatible with 100% of handsets. An SMS is all it takes to pay for your digital content.

SMS Premium features

  • Receive and send Premium SMS. Premium SMS are SMS messages that cost more than a normal message sent from one mobile phone to another. You receive part of these revenues.


  • Financial clearing and settlement.  Mpulse clears each one of your payments via its connection to the operator’s billing infrastructure. The cash-flow starts with the mobile user, transits through the Mobile Operator and Mpulse, and naturally ends with you:


  • Consolidated itemized reconciliation. You receive one single invoice for all transactions on various mobile operators and in multiple countries.


  • Premium SMS from/to any application, over the Internet. Communicate with our gateway via protocols that are easy to integrate. HTTP GET, XML, SOAP, SMPP… or even email!

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  • Real-time statistics accessible 24/7 via the Internet. Your performance per Shortcode number, mobile operator, keyword. Charts of your SMS-traffic: monthly, weekly, daily, hourly. See how many people are using your service.


  • Dedicated or shared short codes.
  • Delivery reports.
  • WAP-Push.
  • Binary messages.
  • Message expiration.
  • Dynamic keywords (regular expressions).
  • Keyword-sessions.
  • Redundant internet connections and state-of-the-art server housing.
  • Concatenated messaging.
  • Infrastructure annual up-time > 99 %.
  • 24/7 expert monitoring and emergency intervention. Every component of the mcharge infrastructure is monitored 24/7 (including end-to-end SMS simulation). Serviced and supported byfield experts.
  • Experts support and assistance.
  • Number reservation. Mpulse reserves from mobile operators the numbers you will use to send/receive Premium SMS.
  • Regulatory information.
  • Revenue optimization. Mpulse helps you clean your user-database to increase your revenues. E.g. reduce the amount of SMS being sent to mobile numbers that no longer exist.


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