Mobile Internet Payments

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Mobile Internet Payments, technical specifications

All you need is an application connected to the internet. mcharge will manage the connection with mobile operators.

Your application will need to initiate SOAP requests to the mcharge servers. mcharge will communicate with your servers on a URL you define (and an open port, by default mcharge will use Port 80). Your application needs to handle the requests via scripts that you developed and host on your servers.

System Requirements

  • Application connected to the Internet.
  • Dedicated IP address (alternatively, a VPN connection can be set up, upon request).
  • A web-service that you develop and manage on your servers to communicate with mcharge.


France Download the technical specifications
Luxembourg Download the technical specifications

Gateway Technical environment


Your connection to mcharge

  • Access protection by username/password.
  • Authentication via originating IP address check (optional).
  • Messages can be exchanged over the HTTPS protocol (rates upon request).
  • VPN connection (rates upon request).



  • VPN connection with mobile operators.
  • Site protected from deliberate or unintended damage: anti-theft infrared motion detection alarm, video surveillance, personnel access policy, anti-fire oxygen evacuation, and back-up power supply.


  • Direct and indirect mobile operator connections.
  • Redundant national and international backbone connections.
  • Physical location in Luxembourg (EBRC building).


  • Hosted on redundant virtualized bi-quad-core machines.
  • Running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, JBoss Application Server 4.2 and MySQL Enterprise 5.
  • Watchguard Firewall.


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