Mobile Internet Payments

Increase your ARPU on Mobile Internet. Digital products are now paid in two clicks.

mcharge Mobile Internet Payments, allows micropayments up to 12 € for digital contents or services sold on your mobile website or your smartphone Application: a new seamless and simple billing opportunity.

Now mobile consumers enjoy the internet “browse & buy in 2 clicks” experience on your mobile website – as you benefit from longer browsing sessions and increased your averarage revenue per user (ARPU).

  • The display of the operator’s payment page is run by Mpulse, ensuring the compatibility of your service with the regulations.
  • Branded payment pages (where operator allows).
  • Pay-per-use & subscription based tacitly renewable business models.
  • Over 40 tariffs available.
  • Single purchase tariff up to 8€.
  • Weekly subscription tariff up to 4€ and 12€ for monthly subscription.
  • User Authentication: A unique ID per transaction to facilitate monitoring.
  • A simplified purchasing process reducing demand at customer service.
  • Guarantee that unpaid content is never delivered.
  • Easy to integrate HTTP-based interface.

Payment flow

The cash-flow starts with the mobile user, transits through the Mobile Operator and mpulse, and naturally ends with you:

Advantages of Mpulse’s solution

  • An excellent client support.
    A dedicated team at your disposal.
    - Advice and assistance in your Go-to-Mobile strategy.
  • A very high reactivity.
    - Real time statistics accessible without interruption via Internet.
    - 24/7 emergency intervention and expert monitoring
  • A requirement for high quality service.
    - A platform directly interconnected to operators’ systems.
    - Redundant internet connections and state-of-the-art server housing
  • An ongoing quest of optimization.
    - An R & D team focused on the solutions’ upgrade and adaptation to future uses.

Mpulse offers a large range of features and all the assistance and expertise needed to set them up.


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