Mpulse offers messaging and mobile payment solutions, based on reliable technology platforms and high quality services.


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The company

Mpulse has been established in 2006 as a spin-off of Nvision, a Luxembourg-based web agency focusing on web development and design services. Today, Mpulse is handling approximately 60% of mobile payments made in Luxembourg, and we are the largest local SMS routing provider. Our French subsidiary has been founded in November 2009, and it is based in Metz. We have strong relations with mobile operators, mobile content and service providers and our peers in other countries. These are the grounds of a constant growth both in terms of payment transaction volume and staff. Our team is multi-cultural and multilingual; most people speak at least 2 languages, if not 3 or more. The average age is about 30, the company founders being in their early to mid-thirties.

Your position

We put each member of our staff at ease by constantly defining, evaluating and re-evaluating tasks and missions. We have a flat hierarchy; you will be working directly with the company founders in an entrepreneurial spirit, shared among both the Mpulse and Nvision teams. We care about our co-workers’ personal and professional preferences and goals and we try to include them as much as possible in short, mid and long term task assignments and career definitions. We actively encourage team members to come up with ideas and proposals in order to improve work processes and interaction, management, sales or the IT infrastructure.

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We are constantly looking for talent.

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