About Mpulse

Mpulse offers messaging and mobile payment solutions, based on reliable technology platforms and high quality services.

Mpulse Luxembourg

Who are we?

Mpulse is focusing both on messaging and micropayment services and thus helping companies to develop, deliver, and bill for mobile content, messaging, and applications.

mpulse solutions combine payment and messaging products (mcharge & mroute) with interfaces, technical applications and expert-services to satisfy your needs.

Mpulse has been established in 2006 as a spin-off of Nvision, a Luxembourg-based web agency focusing on web development and design services. Today, Mpulse has a significant market share of mobile payments made in Luxembourg, and is the largest local SMS routing provider. Mpulse’s French subsidiary has been founded in November 2009, and is based in Metz. The company has strong relations with mobile operators, mobile content and service providers and her peers in other countries. In June 2015 Mpulse SA transfered 100% of the shareholding of Mpulse France SARL to DIMOCO in order to allow the company to reinforce its presence on the French market. 

What do we offer?

Strong carrier relationships, a reliable technology platform, local regulations knowledge, marketing expertise and proven supporting services are the key ingredients of the successful solutions that are proposed in Luxembourg and France and also in several countries such as Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain.

Mpulse provides consulting on local regulations, negotiates and places advertisement, tests your service (end to end), delivers tailor-made reporting, and handles end-user support.


Mpulse relies on a universal payment platform, robust, open and adaptable, based entirely on technology and open-source frameworks and state-of-the-art. This is to best meet the technical requirements of current and future opportunities for mobile payments.

What about Mpulse’s future?

With this knowledge and to be part of the development planned in this market, the company has applied and was selected as part of the research and development of a universal solution for mobile payments project in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade of Luxembourg.

The major goal of this project is to closen the mobile industry and the financial sector.

So Mpulse not only targets mobile payments, but all kind of micro-and macro-payments.

The diversification of resources, opportunities and types of use and the democratization of access to payments for both consumers and sellers, has begun. It will become a reality in the coming years.

Mpulse is then well positioned to continue to develop its business on an international level.